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Η LAMDA ELECTRONICS S.A. was present at the INELEX2012 in Izmir

Lamda Electronics was present at the major lift expo of Turkey in Izmir, in order to renew its contacts with the users of her technology and to research the market of our neighbor country.

Our colleagues met with installers and manufacturers and created links for developing farther our presence in Turkey.

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Lamda Electronics initiates export link with Turkey

Lamda Electronics announces the initiation of its  export link with Turkey.

"A vast market with borders with the Middle East was the ideal market-target for the expansion of our company‘s exporting plans.

Our cooperation with one developing construction group in Turkey will produce immediate results for our brand name recognition in neighboring region.

The combination of the need for high technology products and reasonable prices achieved by economies of scale brought us to this collaboration", was stated by the CEO of Lamda Electronics.

The first shipment of goods took place successfully from our offices in Xanthi, yesterday.

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The GSRT awards investment funds to Lamda Electronics S.A.

Lamda Electronics S.A. is being awarded investment funds from the General Secretariat of Research and Development for the development of a new and innovative product that will be announced later in the year.

"Our company remains faithful to the continuous technological research and development and keeps the same target of gradually and steadily developing its products using local talent. We avoid the easy solution of importing products as our competitors choose to do and choose to develop and produce in Greece to help the growth of the local economy that suffers these days. Our effort has been acknowledged once more by our investors", was stated by the company‘s CEO.

The investment proposal refers to the development of an innovative technology product, that will be announced for obvious reasons later in the year.

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Lamda Electronics announces the new and improved μ-DIOMEDES

μ-DIOMEDES is the product of Lamda Electronics‘ collaboration with one of our partners who trusted and chose our company for an exclusive partnership.

The partnership has grounds on our company‘s intellectual property rights on the product and technology, our immaculate technical assistance and documentation, and of course our innovation award winning products themselves. 

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Lamda Electronics progresses with the compliance to the amendment A3 of the European Union Directive EN 81.1/2

Lamda Electronics is working together with one the most aknowledged and recognized multinational accredited Certification Bodies in issuing the first certificate of conformity for the amendment A3 of the directive EN 81.1/2 in Greece. Our company as always is leading the industry when it comes to issues of technology and conformity.

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